When taking a 12-weeks old puppy camping

When taking a 12 weeks old puppy camping

Can you take a 12 weeks old puppy camping? The short answer is yes. However, there are some important tips that you need to keep in mind when taking a puppy camping along with you. Here are the steps that I followed last time I went camping with my puppy in order to overcome frustration and get the most out of the camping experience.

1 Take your puppy to a vet

puppy at the Vet

You should definitely take your puppy to a vet before taking it for camping along with you. The reason you have to do this is because you need to know all about the Puppy’s health before you take it out to the camping site. Remember you will be out, and there might not be any puppy care clinics nearby.
If you don’t already have a dog clinic that you can visit near you, make sure to use Google and search for the nearest alternative.
Just type “Puppy clinic near me” in the Google search bar – By doing that search, you will find a number of Dog clinic near you.
Choose one that has good Google ratings – I took my puppy to this one clinic last time and the service was bad. When they ask me for a rating on Google, I found out that they already had lots of bad reviews, so save yourself some frustration by choosing a nearby clinic that you can go with your puppy to get it checked out before taking it for camping.

2. Get your puppy vaccinated

You definitely need to get your puppy vaccinated before going camping. Puppies usually receive disease-fighting antibodies from sucking their mother’s milk, but these antibodies usually last only a few weeks, so it’s very crucial to get your puppy vaccinated right before going camping. If you need to know where to take your puppy to get it vaccinated, here’s a good search I did that will help you find a place near you on Google Normally you need to get your puppy a second boost of vaccination during their 9 to 12 weeks of age.
Vaccination helps the puppy to create its own antibodies, and that will help them to fight bacteria or any insect bites that would easily get them sick while out camping.
So, get your puppy vaccinated before you go camping because the last thing you need out there is a sick puppy. If you already got them vaccinated in the past few weeks, then you are all set to continue reading to find out more things you need to take care of when planning a new camping trip with your 12 weeks old puppy.

3. Give your puppy a serious bath

When taking your puppy camping, I don’t suggest you give it the usual when it comes to bathing. And for some puppy lovers like me, I like it when my puppy is all over me while I sleep and let me tell you that there is nothing out there that will keep you wide awake than having a puppy that doesn’t smell too good.
You know it will not be like home when you are out there camping – in some case, you will have water, you can give your dog a quick bath, but depending on the site you might not have enough water for all that.
So, just make sure you take good care of your puppy before you guys head out to the camping site.

1. Make sure the water temperature is normal, not too hot, not too cold.

2. You want to make sure you let the puppy get used to the water –

You don’t want to get the water to its ears or its nose – You don’t want to bathe it more than once a week.

3. If you don’t know how to bathe your puppy, click on this link to watch this YouTube video:

Here are the soaps I used for a deep bath before I took my 12 weeks old puppy camping. You can find them here on Amazon.

4. Make sure your puppy has some basic training

You should at least give your puppy basic training and get its disciplined before going camping because the puppy will definitely disobey you when it’s out there – where it feels free and loose.
The last thing you want is for you to tell your puppy to sit and it starts running around – to new found land that it’s not too familiar with.
You also don’t want your puppy to start digging everything that it found out there. If your puppy is not disciplined, it can cost you more in the long run.

5. Control How far the Puppy can go

Controlling how far the Puppy can Go

Most of the problems you could have with your puppy while out there camping can be solved by limiting your puppy movement – If your dog is on the loose at all time, it will create more problems for you.
Here are some of the basic essentials that you don’t need to forget when going camping with your 12 weeks old puppy:
⦁ Dog Leash
⦁ Dog Bed
⦁ Dog Crate
⦁ Exercise Pen
⦁ Puppy toys
⦁ Go with an electrical fence – if you can afford it, it will really help you to enjoy your free time
while your puppy enjoys his without you two getting in the way of each other that much.
If you need an electrical fan, you can find one here on Amazon.


I went above and beyond to answer all your questions & things to consider when taking your dog out to enjoy the while – There are some things that you should never forget to bring for your puppy while camping – like food, water, first aid kits, and temperature appropriate clothing. What else? I think that is all. Oh, and don’t forget to buy a car seat for your puppy to keep it safe while traveling to your camping destination. Alright, be safe and enjoy your camping trip.

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