50 Shea Butter before and after pictures plus details

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Can Shea butter before and after pictures show you all you need to know before using it?
The short answer is YES. But let me show you 50 before and after pics that can absolutely change your mind about using Shea butter. Take a look at all of these pictures to see the miraculous powers of Shea butter.

Here are the steps I took so to create these before and after pictures for you guys.

1 Buy a new iPhone to take appealing before pictures

50 Shea Butter before and after pictures plus details

The reason I had to have a new iPhone to capture the moment is that I knew it is very important to note how bad my skin was before using the Shea butter and after using many different recommended products. I somehow had this gut feeling that this was it and all of my struggles were about to end.

I also wanted to keep a record to show you guys in case it did work. I could then show you guys the picture of how bad my skin was before using the butter.
Well, as you can see, Shea butter is amazing on the skin – I bought this particular bran on Amazon. You can also check it out Click here to see it on Amazon.

It worked wonders on my skin. These words are coming from a person who, before using Shea butter, spent loads of cash on the countless products recommended by friends, family and even Youtubers.

Until I went to a site doing a Google search looking for before and after pics, after looking at all of the great reviews I said to myself that this is it and if this works for me I would create a helpful post for all of you guys who are on the search for the best Shea butter for your skin.

I also posted over 40 pictures from other people’s before and after just to show you How amazing this product is!

You should take your time to go through all of the Pictures yourself – I don’t know what you want to use it for but the butter is great on the skin especially the face – they also have a brand that can be used on Hair as well – Check it out here on Google.

2 Take an alluring before picture and save it

I wanted to save the pictures to show how my skin looked before using the Shea butter to show you How truly amazing it is now –

I just didn’t know if it was going to work for me because to be Honest with you I was losing Hope – After trying so many recommended products, I was like oh my Gosh not again! – but I was so desperate to find a solution. I just had to try every single thing I found and this was one of them.

I wanted to document this experience so I could help other people just like you who exceedingly want to feel confident again but having a tough time finding something that can help them out.

3 Start using the Shea butter

The first day I used the butter expecting no results, I only had hope – and I wished it would work.
I took only a little bit out of the bottle and I applied it gently on my face and I rub it very lightly. I then let it sit there for about 15 -20 Minutes before washing it off.

I could feel the difference instantly as my skin was softer and it didn’t feel like anything that I have ever applied on my skin before.

There I started to feel better and different about the butter and it was a bit encouraging.
I kept on applying it twice a day once in the morning and once before I go to sleep.

After only 15 days, I was amazed at the results. I started taking a lot more pictures because by then My confidence was boosted – all of a sudden I found a new Hobby of “Picture taking”. I wanted to start posting on Instagram – but was not there yet as I need to wait until my last picture for this before and after the experiment.

4 Buy more Shea butter and take lots of pictures

Well, I was using the shea butter so aggressively that I ran out of the butter in 24 days and I realized I still had another 6 days left for this experiment to end.

What would I do if I order more Shea Butter from Amazon and also this website?
I didn’t need all of it but I decided that it was a great Idea to pack up just in case I need it in the pictures. You never know.

So I bought lots of Shea Butter and took a lot more pictures – I posted a picture on Facebook as well as Instagram and I was so proud of what I had going on there.

At first, I didn’t even act like Instagram exist – I didn’t even like taking pictures – Now I love it
and like I said earlier I now found a new Hobby – and its taking pics for the gram.

5 Post edit the fore and the after picture together

I didn’t know how to edit – I wanted to share this with you guys so I went to Google and made a search on how to edit a picture online and I found a great site call picfont.com which you can visit here if you ever have to Edit text on top of the pictures.

I also found another site that helps me connect the before and after pictures and there you go –
I was ready to create this amazing post to help you guys out. I posted to my Instagram and shared my story – everybody was happy for me – I have to say, Shae butter spread a big smile on my face and now I am over here sharing my pictures and my story for the world to see and I hope it can inspire you to find the Shea butter of your choice – because there are many different brands out there.

Lucky for me, I landed on the perfect one. I ordered it right away – you can take a look at it here at Amazon.


Wow, I really hope my story can inspire you to create your own before and after pictures and post them to help and inspire others.

Sometimes it is hard to go through years with your skin constantly breaking – And having to take pictures that you are not so proud of let alone post them on the gram – Well,
as you can see after using Shea butter on my skin for only 30 days – my results were phenomenal.

So I hope you take the right steps in making Shea butter work for you and I encourage you to post them to inspire other people just like you.

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