Our mission Statement

The name of the business is Noorush  an Ouggo Outlet, Founded December 15, 2018 by Jeff Calixte – (Facebook)

Our goals is to create one of the world’s biggest blog, it will provide amazing information and tools to all of our readers.  If you enjoy being informed and love to learn numerous tips and tricks, more than likely our blog catalogues will become your favorite hobby.

Here are some of our focuses: Camping Safety Tips, Women and Men’s Health Steps and Hair and Beauty Tips.   We also have a company’s update category which is design to keep you updated On what we doing and how are we moving forward!

Right now we have only one Employee, but we will soon have more employees to help provide better platform tools and customer service to maintain the site and provide a more than amazing service to all of our readers. We will make sure to update you as we continue.

Do not be afraid to join us and become a fan if you find our content helpful.   Be sure to become a fan and visit this website our site we plan to provide you with the best tips.

Please feel free to visit the two links below, and expect more Tips in the future.

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Thanks again

Founder and President

Jeff Calixte

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