Leaving dog in tent while camping: Safety and Precautions

Can you leave your dog in a tent while camping? The short answer is Yes, But – Leaving your dog in a tent while camping is both safe and unsafe at the same time, depending on the camping site you are planning on leaving it. Here are some safety tips to consider if you are thinking about leaving your dog in a tent while camping. This will help you to determine whether it’s okay to keep your dog in a tent or if it would be a better idea to keep your dog riding along with you.

Now, depending on your dog and how attached it is to you; you can determine whether or not it’s a good idea to leave it in a tent. My dog wouldn’t like it if I leave it in a tent while camping, but note that every dog is not the same. While some dogs might like it, some might not and let me tell you, sometimes it is good to let your dog rest a bit while camping, especially if it has been walking or hiking all day with you. Some dogs love the outdoors and can do it all day while some dogs love to relax, it totally depends on your dog personality type.

1 Choose the right tent

There are 3 types of tent that you can choose for your dog, depending on the activities and the season;
The winter tent, the summer tent or the fall tent.
Which winter tent is the best one for your dog

The Winter Tent

Canvas winter Tent With A Wood stove

A wooden stove to camp with you dog

These tents are normally bigger than most other tents, and it will take you more horsepower to bring it on site, but when you think about it as a lifesaver to have a tent with a wood stove for your dog, then you will have no other option but to get it on site. During the winter season, a tent with a wood stove can keep your dog warm at a temperature of -20 to -27, depending on how big it is. The only downside to this I would say is that you will need a lot of wood to keep the tent warm.

Now, not only will this tent keep you warm but you can also use the wood stove for all of your cooking, so when you weigh the pros and the cons, you will see that there are more benefits to bring out a tent with a wood stove.

If you are planning to go fishing or do anything while you leave your dog behind in the tent don’t forget to tie your dog in a safe place inside the tent while you head out, also make sure to measure the inside temperature with a thermometer before you leave because you have to be very careful with a heat stove as it heats over time. While it can be -27 outside, it is capable of providing enough heat for the temperature to be +31 Celsius on the inside, which is about 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can get warmer if the temper is opened up a bit more, all I’m saying is if you are planning of leaving for a while, make sure the temperature is nice and warm inside the tent before you leave your dog in there.
(Here’s a video that will show you more about) a tent with a wood stove that you can use for you and your dog, and you can always leave your dog in it while you hike and know your dog will be warm and safe. You can also use this tent for all your cooking needs.

The Summer Tent

When it comes to the summer tent, you can buy one for you and one for your dog, it doesn’t have to be a big one and you don’t have to share. When you are camping in the summer it makes life a bit simpler, but there are some safety measures to take when you are camping with your dog, you also want to make sure to buy the right tent for your dog.

⦁ Make sure the tent you buy for your dog has a chain that goes into the group to keep the tent in place at night     and also it should have a place to tie the leash, so it doesn’t run off while you are sleeping. It’s also important to   keep things around to guide your dog to keep it from going around getting tangle on things through the night.     Make sure the tent has a sun shell, a good spot for your dog to sleep and also a place to keep its toys and  belongings.
Also keep in mind that even if it’s the winter time, it can get cold at night, so bring for your dog the appropriate  cloth, jacket and sheets to keep it warm just in case it gets cold in the middle of the night. (I found this tent on  Amazon, it’s an amazing tent and it can fit almost any size of dog. (check it out here on Amazon)

The Fall Tent

The fall tent is almost the same as the winter tent, the only difference is that you need to bring a lot of things for the cold, another thing to keep in mind is that it rains during this period, so bring a high enough bed for your dog to sleep on in case of a lot of rain and also bring extra sheets, but keep them in the back of your car or a location where they will not get wet in case the sheets you brought for your dog gets wet or too dirty after the water flood the dog tent.

2 Choose a safe camping site

Choose in a safe camping site for you dog

Usually, you will need to cook. Hence you will need to light up a fire.
So what you need to do is choose a camping site that doesn’t have to do with much wind because it will become a dangerous situation when you light up a fire.

1. Water: Make sure there’s enough water nearby for you and your dog’s need. Remember not to set your tent or your dog’s tent on a slope – in case of a heavy rainfall, it might carry everything you have in the tent away. The last thing you would want to do is run after your belongings while they are floating away. You want to have a nice level ground, so your campsite doesn’t gets watched away in case it does rain. Next, make sure your dog’s tent is not on a dried water pool.

2. Make sure your dog tent is not placed under a dead tree branch that is waiting to fall – it can kill you and your dog, so make sure you watch out for dry branches that wouldn’t fall on you or your dog. Always remember to look up to make sure the site is safe from tree falls.

3. Make sure to stay away from Human path or animals trail – because animals might wake you up in the middle of the night or come fight with your dog in the middle of the night.

4. Stay away from people’s property – don’t leave your dog in the middle of someone’s yard, sometimes it’s hard to tell depending on where you are at, but sometimes it’s also easy to tell whether or not someone owns the land. You don’t want to leave your dog out there only to come back and find its missing because someone let it loose since it was not supposed to be on their property. Be careful, remember you can’t call the cops and if you do, they might take longer or even get lost on their way to you, depending on how far out there you are – be careful.

3 Safety Tips – things to remember

Remember that it can get messy during the fall season due to too much rain, and during the summer, you might have to deal with unwanted flies and insert or even other animals. Also, make sure you are ready for a small fight, even if it’s not a big fight, it’s better to be safe than sorry while you’re out there. You might come across flies, snakes, and other wild animals depending on your camping site, you might want to buy a dog tent that can be sealed from the bottom up which normally has openings that allow air to enter the tent.


I just gave you a detailed explanation on how to choose the right tent to leave your dog in for any season. But sometimes it’s best to keep your dog as close to you as possible, so any tent that you are planning on using for yourself, you just make sure it has enough space for your dog as well. That way you know that if you are safe, your dog is also safe especially at night. If anything comes up, you won’t have to run outside to find out what is going on.
You will simply turn on your flashlight and you will get to solve the problem on the spot, but this solution will not work for everybody especially if you have a family or if you don’t like sleeping with your dog. O.k Now, If your dog is 12 weeks old or less, here’s a great resource to read that will help you take a puppy camping. Thanks and I wish you all the best.

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